“But I Can’t Afford It”

It’s common as a coach to hear from people who say they’d love to have some coaching, to retrain, to get help with their issues, beat their blocks and start doing things that they’d love to be doing but they can’t afford it

I’ve met people who hate their jobs and would love to do something else but their fears block them from doing anything about it

They’d love to have some coaching to help them but they can’t afford it;  so they spend £100 every Friday in a bar getting drunk to try to make themselves feel better but they can’t afford therapy or coaching

Or they’ll spend money on gadgets, clothes, haircuts to distract themselves and get the short-term buzz that comes from spending money but they can’t afford coaching

The truth is that most people don’t have a budget for coaching, therapy or training. Making a real investment in themselves that could change their life is something they never think about doing

In fact the few people I know who do have this sort of budget are fellow coaches, trainers and therapists who invest in themselves on a regular basis to over come their own blocks, improve their skills, get new perspectives and for the sake of personal development

They too could say they can’t afford it but they make the commitment to save, cut their spending on other things and spend their money on investing in themselves. I’ve personally spent thousands of pounds on my own training and coaching to allow me to do the things I’ve really wanted to be doing

If you would really like to do something about the issues that are holding you back, to be able to beat your fears and reach your goals please stop telling yourself that you can’t afford it; instead, try having another conversation with yourself about how you’re going to be able to afford it

Start taking steps to save some money, cut back on other spending, ask for money for birthdays and Christmas instead of more stuff, sell off some of your junk on Ebay; you might surprise yourself and find that the money is available quicker than you thought

Take some positive steps and the money will be available to invest in YOU and the coaching, training courses, therapy, etc. that could change your life in ways that you’d never thought possible

So perhaps you’re right in saying that you can’t afford it right now; you just need to decide whether you want to be able to in the future

Then you only need to take the positive steps to make it happen

Thanks for reading

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