Stop Waiting To Be Rescued

stopsignOne of the biggest blocks I had that stopped me from doing what I really wanted to be doing was wanting someone to come and rescue me from my lot in life and make it all better

I didn’t like what was happening in my life, would moan about it (in fact I moaned about it most of the time!) but wasn’t prepared to do what it would take to change it; I wanted someone else to do it all for me

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure to meet, train and work with some really successful people who’ve been real trailblazers in their chosen fields; they’re the sort of person who has had an idea or dream and gone for it with brilliant results

Each one of them has had to start from scratch, putting in tremendous work, pushing through many false starts and setbacks to get to where they are today

What I’ve found really interesting in having conversations with these people or hearing them talk is a common theme that runs through their very different stories; each and everyone of them came to the conclusion one day that if they wanted to go for their ambitions, secret dreams and aspirations that they would have to be the one to take control of their circumstances and make the changes happen

They’d all realised that no one was going to come and rescue them from their lot in life and make it happen for them; they were going to have to make it happen themselves

This often meant having to pay out of their own money for the books, courses, training and coaching that was needed rather than make the excuse that the companies they were working for at the time wouldn’t do it for them; it also meant putting in lots of hours of study and work starting a new career part time whilst holding down a fulltime job

No one could do this for them; no one was going to wave a magic wand and make it all appear without them putting in the time and effort to make it happen

Of course they got help and advice from others along the way but it was still them taking control of their life

Many people go through life wanting change but never doing it; they have ambitions, secret dreams, aspirations and goals that never see the light of day because they wait for someone to come along and do it for them

I know because I’ve been there in the past and If you’re one of those people please stop waiting to be rescued!

If you want to change your circumstances and start doing the thing you really want to be doing realise only you can make the decision to start it happening; it’s you who will need to kickstart it and take action

It’s you who’ll need to make that phone call, book that training course, seek advice, read those books that have been on the shelf for months, etc; only you can do it for yourself; no one is coming to do it for you!

The great thing is that as I found out myself, once you stop putting your life on hold waiting to be rescued and go out and do it for yourself, those ambitions, secret dreams, aspirations and goals start to actually happen!

Thanks for reading

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