Control What You Can Control

“Some things are in our control while others are not” – Epictetus

So another rainy summers day rolls in and any thoughts of running coaching outside gets kicked into touch. This always reminds me that life is very good at teaching us as much as you might want nice weather, you just have to deal with what turns up and accept that it’s one of those things that’s out of your control

The Stoics would argue that the only thing you really control is your mind and everything else is external and this is a cornerstone of the work I do with many coaching clients. We might both want to be walking in glorious sunshine but no amount of moaning, swearing or shaking your fist will stop it raining so we just have to accept it and control what we can do about it

That amounts to how we choose to think about it and subsequently respond to it and nothing else

Although for many people that’s hard to accept but to me it’s really liberating as I know that there’s no point wasting time and energy on things I can’t control; the weather, other people, world events, etc.

It allows me to put my efforts into how I think about things and how most importantly how I’ll choose to respond to what’s going on inside and around me

Life really does become a lot simpler when you start to live from this perspective and it’s a foundation of my approach to coaching. I find that once people start to understand this way of being, many of the issues that have been holding them back seem to fall away

So what are you trying to control that when you think about it, really isn’t yours to control anyway?

Thanks for reading

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