Ideadwoodn every place that I’ve worked in there have been staff that were ‘Dead Wood’

People who turned up everyday to do a job they didn’t like but who were too scared to do anything about it. People who turned up everyday just to keep their heads down and stay stuck where they were. People who had no desire to change their circumstances or let others help them change their circumstances

Looking back at these people I think what a waste of eight hours a day, what a waste of a career.

What a waste of a life

You become ‘Dead Wood’ when you don’t find the ‘Things’ that makes you thrive and you know is of value and making a difference. You become ‘Dead Wood’ when you let your fears and blocks keep you stuck in a job you hate

You become ‘Dead Wood’ when you just give up and stop growing

If you know you’re doing work that means that you too could become ‘Dead Wood’ then do something about it before it becomes too late. Because once the rot starts it can become hard to stop

Become the opposite of these people and start growing again by finding the ‘Things’ you want to be doing and then go off and start doing it

Thanks for reading

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