Urban Shinrin-Yoku

Ronn Thwaites Shinrin-Yoku LondonIt would be easy to think that the opportunities to practice Shinrin-Yoku living in London would be very limited but it’s perfectly possible to experience a version of ‘Forest Bathing’ in an urban setting

I live in an area of London where I have commons, woodlands and parks on my doorstep and my own practice and Nature Guided sessions often take place in one of the many Royal Parks or green spaces that the capital offers

Even in one of the busiest cities there’s always an opportunity to find a place to connect with the natural world and benefit from the effects of being around nature can bring to your own wellbeing

Over the coming weeks I’ll be posting a serious of articles on how you can create your very own urban Shinrin-Yoku practice that you can use in your local park, green space or even your garden for those of you who might not have access to a more traditional ‘Forest Bathing’ setting

My aim is for people to be able to get the benefits that being outside in the natural world can bring no matter where they are

Thanks for reading

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