Cognitive Hypnotherapy

What is Cognitive Hypnotherapy?

Cognitive Hypnotherapy, created by Trevor Silvester of the Quest Institute, uses ideas from the schools of Hypnotherapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and Positive Psychology to form a powerful new way of changing unwanted behaviours or ways of thinking around your blocks and how they impact on you

It believes that each client is truly unique therefore there is no one size fits all approach and unlike many hypnotherapy approaches there are no set scripts. Each session is tailored completely to you and your unique requirements, allowing the most effective change to take place in the shortest time possible

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is one of the foundations of my coaching approach and the typical areas that it can help with include:

Lack of direction and focus

Performance anxiety

Slumps in motivation

Public speaking fears

‘Burn Out’ & ‘Rust Out’

Worrying about the past or future

Social anxiety

Fear of failure or success

Fear of change

Writers’ block



Whatever your own issues are around your blocks and how they stop you from living the life you really want to be living, using Cognitive Hypnotherapy within my coaching programmes means I may well be able to help you

So if you’re interested in how Cognitive Hypnotherapy sessions might be able to help you, contact me to book your initial conversation

I look forward to working with you