Here’s what other’s have thought about my Shinrin-Yoku sessions, Nature Guided Therapy and Resilience & Wellbeing  sessions

“What a fabulous way to spend the morning. A beautifully well structured nature walk, in stunning surroundings, clearing the mind , stimulating the senses and opening up to a state of total wellbeing. Ronn’s delivery is perfect and beautifully paced. I finally get how to totally clear my mind and be in the moment. Such a gift, Thank you Ronn.”

Sue C

“Lovely morning spent on a Nature Guided walk with Ronn. Ronn explains the intentions of the walk and guides at just the right pace and just the right time without disturbing your walk. The suggestions and tips were brilliant. Thank you”

Shai P

“What a great way to have a coaching session.

Ronn was easy to talk to and very generous with both his time and his knowledge. He challenged me to think about difficulties I was having in my business in a completely different way that enabled me to move forward and revitalise my business.

I loved the fact that as this all happened as we were exploring a beautiful park I hardly noticed I was being coached. I left feeling positive and relaxed with a plan of action that I could begin immediately.

I would highly recommend Ronn to anyone considering having coaching”

Kim W

“I had read about mindfulness and tried it, or so I thought. However, working with Ronn helped me to realise it doesn’t have to be complicated.

He taught me how to calm and centre myself, that the thoughts running through our heads are just thoughts that we can choose to acknowledge and let go.

I am fortunate to live next to the sea, so on my walks I am now more mindful and get a wonderful sense of calm and clarity.

I highly recommend Ronn, he is fun, easy to talk with and very patient! ”    

Mel P

These sessions far surpassed my expectations. I think this experience has been so brilliant. I genuinely feel so much better about so many things and so much more in control of things inside and outside of work. I feel so much better equipped to deal with difficult situations that may arise.

A huge thank you Ronn; your straight forward, solution based approach has been amazing and has worked brilliantly

H – London