Put Your Worries On A Stone

This is an idea from Shinrin-Yoku that I use with one-to-one Nature Guided Therapy clients on our ‘Walk & Talk’ Nature Guided sessions if I feel that what’s on their mind (anxiety, worry, etc) could get in the way of a productive session

worrystoneI ask people to choose a stone and with a marker pen write on it what’s troubling them. It could be something general like ‘worry’ or more specific such as writer’s block, fear of failure, etc

Whatever it is that they feel sums up their anxiety or what’s on their mind gets written on the stone

When we start our walk the stone is placed down on the floor (you can either place it face up or down) in a place where we’ll remember where it is

I like to do this on a circular walk or one where we can retrace our steps easily so the person doesn’t become anxious about trying to find it again!

It’s also best to put it off to one side so other people don’t pick it up or move it

Then when we start our ‘Walk & Talk’ session and the person is fully involved in the experience. They can take in what we’re talking about, what they see, hear and can be totally mindful of what’s going on

When we eventually come back to where they’ve placed their stone, they can choose to pick up whatever it was that was troubling them and take it home again or leave it where it is, bury it, throw it into the undergrowth etc. and forget all about it

Ronn Thwaites - Put Your Worries On A StoneMy favourite wherever possible is to get people to throw it into water and let it sink out of sight. There is something very satisfying in watching the ripples slowly extending out until they disappear and the surface is smooth once again

So next time your anxiety kicks in, go out, put it on a stone and have a nature guided walk; you might just be surprised how you feel afterwards

Thanks for reading